Freya Pearson Bio


Freya is a creative; it’s her passion and her drive in life. Since she was little Freya’s interests have been firmly grounded in art and creative writing; during college and thereafter she turned those talents into her career. After finishing education Freya continued to work in hospitality while setting up her own business as a Makeup Artist and also a commission based Artist and Illustrator. With this mix of experience in art, hospitality and entrepreneurism; not only is she an innovator but has great communication skills, understanding of exceptional customer service and is visibly head strong.

Freya relishes meeting and connecting with new people from all industries and walks of life and works hard to ensure the satisfaction of everyone she works with.

“Engaging with clients, guests and other industry professionals, along with being Connect In Event’s blogger and creative writer means I really am getting the best of both worlds and I love it!”