BLOG – FEBRUARY 1st 2018

BLOG – Venue of the Month – Hilton Manchester Deansgate

And our first Venue of the Month this year is……

The iconic Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel!!!!

The Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel is one close to the hearts of all of the team at Connect In Events. We have a super rapport with this impressive venue which is down to an array of hugely successful events we hold there and the services they provide for us without fail.

Having concluded the Hilton as our worthy January VOTM we sat down with John McLaughlin (Hilton Manchester Deansgate GM) for a little Q&A….

Freya (Connect In Events): We have such a great relationship, I’m sure you’ll agree. We know why we’ve chosen you as our VOTM to kick off 2018 but we want to hear a little more from your side of things!! Maybe a little peak behind The Hilton Manchester Deansgate’s immaculate scenes.

The festive period is over now and what a crazy time of year it is!! How did The Hilton Deansgate find it all?

John: It was an extremely busy and exciting season for us. We had the opportunity to host lots of amazing events in all of our outlets for some really great companies. We put an individual stamp on some of our events with a pop up in the Restaurant called the Deansgate Lodge- bringing a little bit of the German Christmas Market in!

Freya: Wow, and what a success the pop up Lodge was! What are the things you’re most proud of from The Hilton Deansgate and your team from 2017?

John: The feedback we received was outstanding from so many of the wonderful events we hosted. It truly was amazing to see all of the Food & Beverage Departments come together to work tirelessly to deliver event after event

Freya: Yes, we’d totally agree with that; your catering and menus are always impressive. How do you make the food and dining side of the experience so unique and fresh?

John: We are very lucky to have an amazing Head Chef who actually won Chef of the Year for Hilton. His enthusiasm and passion for the kitchen transpires to his team who in turn feel empowered to create unique and tasty dishes- both for small scale and large scale banqueting.

Freya: It’s no surprise at all that he won the award, that’s completely reflected in the variety and meticulous attention to detail in the finished dishes! In fact your entire team has such high standards of performance and work ethic. What do you think that’s down to and how do you maintain your meticulous standards?

John: I think a major factor of this is that we lead from the front. You will always see the Managers running all aspects of the event and really working alongside the team to deliver. My personal ethic is that you cannot deliver 5* service without treating the people delivering the service like 5*. Constant training and Learning & Development is always key. We have a robust induction training for all new banqueting staff and we consistently chase these standards.

Freya: Yeh, I think with each aspect you mentioned you’ve hit the nail on the head. I know I speak for my team as well as myself when I say the hard work of the management team definitely doesn’t go unnoticed either.

So what do you believe makes The Hilton Deansgate stand out from other venues in and around Manchester?

John: The flexibility of our event space is something really unique- an event planner/organiser is truly able to put their own stamp on the space and turn it into something magical and pertinent to the event itself. We also pride ourselves on our level of banqueting service- from planning to delivery, and we know how to serve a 3 course banquet in record time!

Freya: I’m sure some of your staff have rockets in their shoes sometimes, record time alright! With all that said, what would you put down as the 5 most important rules The Hilton Deansgate live by to deliver the best events?


1) Preparation is key- we always hold weekly internal meetings to discuss the next week’s events

2) Innovation- we constantly look for new ways of doing things and new products to offer our guests

3) Communication- from planning to delivery we like to have an open line of communication with all stakeholders to ensure success

4) Trust- it is important to develop a good working relationship with the event planner to ensure everything runs smoothly

5) Authenticity- we are proud of our Manchester Roots and we try to incorporate this into our menus with local food, our decorations with the Manchester Bee and our friendly Northern Spirit

Freya: Couldn’t fault any of those! Come on then, what do you enjoy about working with us at Connect In Events?

John: The team are so friendly and easy to get on with. I think we have developed a great working relationship with them and between the two of us we always deliver great events for our Clients.

Freya:  Thanks John. What’s in store for Hilton Deansgate over the coming months/2018?

John: We are about to launch our new Meetings Lunch Offering which is modern lunching, offering fresh varied food suitable for many intolerances, revitalising and re-energising our guests so that they can make the most of their meetings. We are also developing a new innovative cocktail offering which can be used for any size of event and tailored to the specific event itself.

Freya: Oh wow, that sounds amazing….we’re definitely going to have to come and try it out for ourselves! Who are some of the most iconic names the Hilton Deansgate has accommodated over the years? I can’t leave without asking that one! 😉

John: Who haven’t we? 😉

And what better way to end our Q&A than with the most professional answer John could have given….you don’t need to worry about confidentiality with these guys!

John’s testimonial:

“Connect In Events are a brilliant company to work with. The team bring events alive with creative and inspiring ideas, giving guests memorable experiences time and time again. They bring professional service and enthusiasm to every project from start to finish and we look forward to working with them on events for many years to come!”

To experience the Hilton Manchester Deansgate for yourself visit their website below: