BLOG – MARCH 1st 2018

BLOG – And on the 7th Day

And on the Sixth Day, God Created MANCHESTER

Supporting Our City

Apparently some humans don’t really like the city, town, village, countryside they live in?! We can only imagine the anguish because we don’t just love Manny, it runs through our bones!

There’s so much to be proud of up here and the community as a whole beams that immense pride; you can’t escape it. 2017 brought us enormous tragedy which rocked our little city to its core; but did this break us? Did it f*ck!! In 3 months’ time we’ll reach the 1 year anniversary  since the Manchester Arena bombing and mark this occasion in the way only we know how – Together, as a community and stronger than ever. This is just one of the MANY reasons we are so honoured to call this oasis our home.

Want some fun facts about lovely Manny? Either way, you’re getting them so grab yourself a cuppa and a Digestive and get comfy….

  • Manchester is the 2nd largest city in the UK after Landan Taan.
  • We’re the footballing Mecca of the world; in fact make that the universe! With 4….yes 4 premier football teams.
  • The only place in the entire world where you can get a degree in “Mummy Studies”. Ancient Egyptian Mummies that is, not your mate’s mum Brenda.
  • The home to Vegetariansim – First preached about by the aptly named Reverend Cowherd in Salford over 200 years ago.
  • World’s first industrial city, nicknamed “Cottonopolis” in the 19th
  • World’s first passenger train station founded here. In addition to that, the world’s first station to have a signalling system, to be fully timetabled, to exclusively rely on steam and first to carry mail!
  • The atom was ‘split’ in Manchester for the first time EVER by Ernest Rutherford.
  • First ever modern Computer, nicknamed “baby” was built here. 21st century kids, you can all thank us for what now appears to be your solitary form of entertainment apart from moaning.
  • We’re the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe with a total of 200 spoken languages!
  • Home to the world famous “Curry Mile” with over 70 South Asian Cuisine restaurants. That’s a whole month’s lunch a dinner sorted!
  • 25 Nobel Prize winners have called Manchester home.
  • Manchester opened the first ever M&S store (!!) in Hume in 1894.
  • Moss Side welcomed the birth of Emmaline Pankhurst-leader of the Suffragette movement.

There are about 682 million other awesome facts about Manny but I don’t have time in the day to list them all.

Among everything else mentioned, Manchester is universally renowned for its music scene. Some of arguably the best bands and music artists in the world are proud Mancunians; from Oasis, The Stone Roses and Take That; to Joy Division, The Courteeners, The Verve, David Grey and many, MANY more. We’re also some of the leaders in the game when it comes to fashion….you only have to spend half an hour people watching (in one of the six thousand coffee shops) in the Northern Quarter to lay your eyes on some of the most innovative, revolutionary and “out there” styles you can imagine.

We wouldn’t be nicknamed “Cottonopolis” if we weren’t a city of bloody hard working little bees. Every craft and every field is covered up here and in each one, we kick ass! Hospitality, sports, entertainment, charity, politics, science, fashion, beauty, food and drink….and the rest.

Because of everything we’ve covered, it’s absolutely imperative to us that we play our part in supporting Manchester and everything it holds dear. We do this in any way we can, at any available chance we get and if we don’t get the chance….we create the chance! I can confidently say this is reflected in the events we design and create in Manchester, the people and teams we work with here and in the way we make it our mission to share the love among all industries spread across the place we call home.