BLOG – JANUARY 20th 2018


Finding and deciding upon the venue for your event can be one of the most challenging and often costly factors of the planning process. We’re now in a society where events are constantly taking place; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Hence the HUGE importance that lies with an accurate and well considered venue selection.

The definition of the word “event” is:

“A thing that happens or takes place, ESPECIALLY one of importance.”

With the emphasis on the “importance” of any event, it must be memorable. Note; this does not mean memorable for the wrong reason. Some stuffy, outdated room with your Nan’s carpet, rubbish audio, dingy lighting and lukewarm food will of course be notable for guests….as a reminder of how painful it was! For an event to be unforgettable for the RIGHT reasons there is so much to consider; a lot of which often gets forgotten if not done by professionals in the field. In fact, it’s a list as long as your arm:

  • Capacity – seating and standing
  • Seating style
  • Capacity difference between seating styles
  • Car parking
  • Transport links
  • Accommodation within venue or nearby?
  • AV & tech facilities
  • Lighting
  • Is there a set up & clean-up crew
  • Layout of room
  • Weather
  • Security
  • Restrictions
  • Catering
  • Reputation
  • Venue fees

I could continue but I think you get my gist.

First impressions are everything. You know what they say, an opinion is formed in the first 7 seconds….and it’s true! The venue you choose needs to reflect the nature of the event, those attending and you! The location the venue is set in and the venue itself immediately depicts to guests and attendees whether or not the event is going to be budget or something high end and of class. The last thing you want is for your guests to be dreading their impending experience moments after they arrive! So I repeat; first impressions are EVERYTHING.

Temperature. Is that something you would have put on your list? I doubt it, but this is such a crucial factor when researching venues. A conference or boardroom that’s too hot will cause everyone to morph into lethargic, hot sloths lacking in concentration. However if it’s more akin to an igloo, all concentration will be lost amongst the sound of chattering teeth and pained faces. Similarly, you don’t want a black tie event that’s the wrong temperature. You’re risking men slowly melting away in their 3 piece suits or women wearing goose-bumps as an accessory to their dresses and heels. And just as a heads up, a cold woman is much like a hungry one – not very happy!

Meetings and Conferences

The thought of yet another work meeting can be quite uninspiring. The more bright and airy the space, the more upbeat and engaged the attendees/staff will be. Thus, an efficient and worthwhile session had. Having the opportunity for break out rooms should you require them can be a great addition to conferences and seminars as well. Attendees are able to mix in different groups, get up and stretch their legs between sessions and the different rooms/spaces are a change of scenery which is always helpful to keep the brain switched on.

Corporate Parties and Events

These are becoming increasingly popular among companies across the UK and worldwide! They can have an enormously positive impact on the dedication of the staff and in turn; their productivity. An impressive, unique and exciting venue choice for a corporate party or event will consequently reinforce to staff how valued and appreciated they are.

Charitable and Fundraising Events

This is self-explanatory really but I would be confident in assuming your chosen charity is one of great importance to yourself and your guests. It therefore goes without question that the venue needs to be special and unique enough to reflect this; while also showing respect to the cause.


Each and every wedding is (or should be) totally unique to the couple. Apologies but we’re getting soppy for a second – The ethos of the wedding day is to celebrate two people’s adoration for one another, to bring their friends and family into this celebration of love and hopefully provide them with an occasion they will remember for the rest of their lives together. The correct choice of venue is imperative as the couple need to have scope enough to achieve a celebration wholly encompassing of who they are. This is the case whether it be an enormous, grand affair or a small, quaint and intimate one.

Awards, Celebrations Dinners and Dances

These are a treat, a notoriously extravagant festivity. We’re talking luxurious, opulent and indulgent events where ennui certainly isn’t on the guest list! If the venue wouldn’t be good enough for JZ & Beyonce….the venue ain’t good enough for you 😉

Events Aimed at Increasing Revenue

To be honest, all that needs to be said is that if your guests are paying to be there, their payment should be respected. Parting with substantial sums is not something many people take lightly in today’s climate. A “wow factor” venue will successfully be a comfort to guests that its money well spent and thus increase the appeal for them to attend an event of yours in the future.

So, we conclude….

With new found awareness of just how mammoth of a task venue finding is, going it alone probably isn’t an idea you find too appealing anymore. The Connect In Events team are well experienced and equipped with the knowledge required to find and obtain the best possible venue for the best possible cost. Not to mention the successful relationships we have built with the best venues Nationwide! The value and prosperity of these relationships and our brilliant reputation is so much so, that they’re not only willing but really WANT to work with Connect In Events.

Don’t hesitate; don’t even give it a second thought. No matter how large or small, extravagant or low key….Take a load off and ask our team to do it for you!