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BLOG – Business & Pleasure

Business and Pleasure – Should the two be mixed?

“The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business”. – Aaron Burr.

What do you mean by mixing business with pleasure?

This means combining your professional working life with your social life.

We’ve all been there when we’ve had one too many at the office Christmas party and seen Barbs and Graham getting a little too cosy on the dancefloor. Or absolutely dreading the Gossip Girl rumours you’ll step into when Monday comes around, hoping people may have forgotten all of the shenanigans over the weekend.

I know I for one get word vomit and have definitely had that instant fear when you awake in the morning knowing that someone definitely had a good laugh at your expense the night before. But is it all really worth it?

It truly depends on the industry you’re working in. Here at Connectin Events, it’s our job to mix business and pleasure. Organising events for every occasion and judging our success on whether people have simply enjoyed themselves. So for us, it’s extremely important that we do place the two hand in hand.

Some suggest adamantly that they would never mix the two, as you often hear that you should never do business with friends or family – the two are commonly known to simply just not work out at all.

From a personal perspective I think it’s vital that you can have a positive friendship with your colleagues, on the grounds they can behave themselves at the free bar of course… One of my former employers in Australia was constantly organising things for their employees inside and outside of the workplace. Whether that was a pub lunch once a week, yoga classes mid-week or the end of month party, they truly did their best to ensure that everyone was happy where they are and that all teams were working together to the best of their ability.

Let’s face it, you see those who you work with more than you see your own family so of course it’s healthy to expand those friendships outside of the workplace, but of course you’re not going to get on with everyone.Sure, it’d be nice if we did, but it’s also what makes us human. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying you should sit and have an awkward coffee with Sheila who you had a screaming match with 2 months ago over the stationery cupboard. But sometimes it’s all you need to keep things civilised and a positive environment to work it.

It’s great for networking, in the right environment of course, there’s definitely a time and place to discuss work-related stuff or potential promotion opportunities. There’s always no harm in asking “Hey, do you wanna grab a coffee on your lunch break today?”.

The nature of my freelance writing career means that I am always mixing business with pleasure. I may need to go and check out a new venue or product launch in order to get my article and in order to do so you just have to socialise. It’s no good standing in a corner, spectating until you’ve got your angle and leaving once you’ve got what you need. It’s key to create relationships with those who are in a similar industry to yours to ensure you’re making the most out of your career. Network, get to know people.

So should you mix business with pleasure like bread and butter? Or wine and cheese if you’re asking me? Ch’yeah! Why not?

Raven Twigg – Connect In Events Blogger 🙂