BLOG – Events for Business

Here at Connect in Events we know how crucial it is to offer the very best when it comes to networking events and conferences. We play a pivotal role when it comes to these types of events and we’re extremely well equipped with bags of knowledge to gain as much as possible from each and every conference, networking event and fringe events. We want to share our expertise and knowledge with you in order for you to utilise all opportunities there are on offer to you.

It’s an incredibly valuable commodity to hold fringe events at a conference/conferences. Along with this comes a great chance to get new business, spread the word and network with current and potential clients. In fact you might not realise just how beneficial it is to get your current clients and potential clients talking to one another! Providing the work/service you provide for your clients is brilliant (which I’m sure it is) they will effectively act as a perfect advertisement for you and your business. They will give your prospective clients feedback and opinions on their own wonderful experience from working with you.

“What about when I’m the one pitching?” you may be wondering. In these circumstances – which will often crop up; it’s important to remember to keep your pitch interesting, engaging and NOT too long winded. Your guests just need to be given enough info to tickle their taste-buds and ensure they remember you!

Your guests also need to feel comfortable, relaxed and able to enjoy the event; anything overly formal and people will feel on edge and less inclined to converse or gain much from their time there. Bearing this in mind, a great idea is to hold “pop in for a drink” networking events as they can be really informal but give your guests the perfect opportunity to grab a drink or two and have a chat….while getting to know more about you and your business.

Getting people there in the first place! – Arguably one of the most crucial factors to get right! If you can’t do this then you’re pretty much falling at the first hurdle. This is why OUR clients have so much faith in us. We know that guests aren’t going to show if they’ve got nothing to entice them enough to attend in the first place! We make sure we give them something bloody good to turn up for! There are SO many stunning new venues in Manchester and even more joining us in 2018….and Connect In Events have the best ones on hold throughout the year. We’ve got you covered!

Finally, something I feel I must really get across to you is….DO NOT OVER-COMPLICATE IT. At the end of the day you’ll only be creating more work and stress for yourself which; in the long run won’t actually turn out to be any more beneficial. Keep it simple and effective; take it from us….it really does work. Connect In Events held our own networking event and in true northern style themed it as “Pie & a pint” evening….it went down an absolute storm!

Have you got something to celebrate – a milestone in your company, a new project, a big success? Or do you simply want to hold an invaluable event for your business and your current and prospective clients? Whatever it may be, pick up the phone and let Connect In take your event to the next level!

Take a look at the Chartered Institute of Housing Festival to see what we do for them….and what we can do for you!