BLOG – FEBRUARY 14th 2018

BLOG – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

“This thing, called love, I just, can’t handle it.” Oh Fred, with your gorgeous tash and voice of a god; you said it best….and we can’t handle just how much we bloody love our clients!!

So continuing with our theme of an alternative Valo Day, we’ve sacked off our partners this year (they can make do with the Tesco ready meal and bottle of Becks we’ve left them in the fridge). 2018 Valentine’s Day is now known by us as CLIENT APPRECIATION DAY!! Forget Jay-Z & Beyonce, Kate & Wills…..Adam & Eve who now? Connect In Events and our clients are the world’s new #CoupleGoals.

Like any great relationship we have our ups and downs, our slightly more testing moments and we don’t alwayssss see eye to eye….at first. But these rare circumstances soon turn into solutions and sometimes into some of our best creations! After all, Events Management is ranked in the top 5 most stressful jobs; so a few healthy debates here and there are inevitable my friends.

You know the old saying “A dog is for life not just for Christmas”? Well the same applies for our clients. Before you get your knickers in a twist; no I am not calling our lovely clients dogs. What I’m saying is that Connect In Events’ clients truly are for LIFE not just for an event! Every client we had from day one….we still have now and our relationships continue to grow stronger every year that goes by. In addition to this, fresh relationships are forever blossoming between our new clients and ourselves which also thoroughly warms our cockles. Each and every alliance brings new challenges, new fun, new lessons to be learned and exciting, innovative ideas. So dearest clients and FRIENDS; you do just as much for us as we do for you and for that; we are eternally grateful!

If you asked me to write down EVERYTHING we love about our clients we’d have a bloody list as long as the Great Wall of China so here are the top 6 things we love the most!

In no particular order….

  1. You’re all unique

Not one of our clients is the same as another, even those who are in the same industry or profession. Everyone we work with makes each day different from the last and that’s something which we feel incredibly lucky to be able to say.

  1. You know what you want and when you don’t, you trust us enough to surprise you with something you’ll love

Very often Connect In Events’ clients come to us with solid ideas and visions in mind for their events and with a bit of tweaking, we always deliver. However sometimes they know what the event needs to achieve but aren’t so sure how they want to achieve it. So even when our clients approach us with a slightly foggier head; the faith they put into us provides us with the scope we require to produce something which will exceed their expectations!

  1. You give us the chance to travel

“Based up north are they? Sod that, we need Connect In Events on the other side of the country ASAP!” – said countless clients on more occasions than we have fingers on our hands.

A change of scenery is exciting, refreshing and gives us the chance to work in places we’ve never been and with other industry professionals we haven’t met yet….keep it coming guys because we love it. Thank you!

  1. You make us laugh

We work with some proper characters to say the least and at times they have us in absolute stitches. I mention no names; you guys know who you are! A laugh a day keeps the wrinkles at bay 😉

  1. You make any stress SO worth it!

As previously mentioned, being top 5 in the most stressful career choices inevitably means there is the odd occasion we feel like pulling our hair out. But I’m happy to say those moments are always short lived and stress is something we deal with daily and face head on. However it’s the appreciation our clients shower us with, the delight on their faces when their event comes together and the sparkling feedback and 5 star references they shout from the rooftops….that makes it all worth it beyond words!!

  1. You bring us new challenges

We’re all still children at heart and we love a new adventure! Along with fresh new challenges comes valuable lessons and believe it or not….stumbling upon a mistake here and there only enables us to grow! As much as we can bring bags of nerdy eventing info and expertise to our clients; we learn SO much from them too and we never want that to stop.

As Ghandi said:

An expert knows more about more and less about less until they know absolutely everything about nothing.”

I’ll leave that one with you.