BLOG – FEBRUARY 7th 2018

BLOG – Forget Paris….Greggs Valentines meal deal for 2 anyone?

Valentine’s Day has unmistakeably made its way round again; some would say too soon, others would say not soon enough. Either way, if you’re blessed with a better half the likelihood is you’re gunna have to do something to mark the occasion. That is unless you’re one of those crafty buggers that uses the old “Romance should be all year round, not just one day.” to get yourself out of it.

We’re proud advocates of going against the grain and doing the unconventional, regardless of the occasion. So we’re thinking….let’s all go a little less mainstream with Cupid’s arrow this year!! Here’s a few ideas we’d love this February 14th….hint hint.

Greggs Valentine’s Day Special

Thanks to MEN for the heads up, Greggs is hosting a candlelit dinner for 2 complete with table service. The signature cheese & onion pasty? Greasy sausage rolls? Sugar ring doughnuts? Say no more, that’s a northerner’s dream Valo Day right there!

I mean it could be taken one of two ways – you either have a deep and spiritual understanding of your partner and know their profound passion for puff pastry or….you’re a stingy sod and spending a grand total of 15 quid for the entire meal plus prosecco is too good an offer to miss. But we think it’s worth the risk 😉

(Click on the link for the video)


Get the Heart Racing….In a Different Kind of Way

Nothing says “Darling I love you” like putting your partner’s life on the line; right?

For the couples out there who both like to think they’re boss; why not settle the debate with some good old fashioned competition….what could possibly go wrong? We’re talking rock climbing, go karting, GoApe….maybe just avoid booking in for knife throwing, yeh definitely avoid that one.

Single Pringles We Got You

Rather than ripping up photos of your ex while crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s….celebrate your freedom this Valentines! You know what YOU love to do, you know what makes YOU happy. So do anything and everything you bloody fancy!

  • Cook a romantic meal for you and your dog
  • Eat pizza and wine in the bath
  • Hike up a mountain
  • Book a spa day
  • Sing along full volume to Queen in your underwear

You my dears, are free humans and only have yourselves to please next Wednesday.

Book a Cooking Class

Do you have to secretly give your dinner to the dog a little too often, but love your spouse too much to tell them? Take them along to a cooking class, or better yet….book in for a bundle! Your better half will adore you in assuming you really want to spend quality time with them while cooking up some top scran AND they’ll be picking up a skill you’re too nice to tell them they don’t yet have. Winner winner edible dinner!

Worried About a Gift?

Buy them a dog!

If you’re ready to add another level of commitment to your relationship nobody; and I mean nobody, can be disappointed with a furry friend! It literally doesn’t matter if you’ve just had the barney of all barneys, gift your lover with a pooch and they’ll worship you forever! (Just don’t forget the puppy pads if you both value your carpet).

Happy planning!! Xx