BLOG- Glitter, Glam & Girl Power.

Glitter, Glam & Girl Power. Girls out Loud – Creating Shining Stars

Girls Out Loud is a social enterprise with a charitable Foundation managed by Forever Manchester. We launched in 2010 and are passionate about raising the aspirations of teenage girls throughout the region.  We do this by creating and developing early intervention programmes in schools from 2 hours to 12 months in duration.  Our flagship programme is a 12 month mentoring programme called BIG SISTER where we harness and train female role models from all walks of life to step up and support and inspire a young teenage girl.  In the past 8 years we have worked in 38 schools impacting the lives of over 5k girls and we haven’t finished yet!

If you’re comfortable in your own skin, 23 years+ and willing to commit to the well being and growth of a “little sister” for twelve months, you could be one step away from contributing to the lives of the young women of the region. As a young, aspiring woman from a Northern town too, I couldn’t feel more passionate about this cause. It’s so easy for girls to judge themselves by what is portrayed all around them in the modern world. So to have someone there to shine the light on your potential, in your most vital years, seems a simple yet brilliant way to give our future generation the support they need to blossom into confident and empowering young women.

According to a Plan International report published just two years ago, Manchester and Salford , along with several other Northern towns and cities fall into the worst 10 places to grow up as a young female in the whole of the U.K.. With the high pressures of both social media and the internet, young women are finding themselves lost in a world of unachievable desires. More and more adolescent females struggle with their mental health and find themselves coasting through their school life and moulding themselves into the corridor walls.

When delving into the wall of famous Mancunians it soon becomes evident that they each have one thing in common, they are predominantly males. The Gallagher brothers, Liam Fray, Peter Kay, Tony Longfella, and Nick Grimshaw to name a few are all successful and famous Mancunians, but none of which are female. This is a city which gave birth to Emmeline Pankhurst and Girls Out Loud is there to ensure that the legacy she began continues to inspire and liberate women all over the Manchester region once more.


Girls Out Loud has perfectly captured the self-belief and resilience of the region coming together to support one another in that infamous Manchester spirit we’re all so proud of. The little sisters are able to finish the programme with their heads held high and more than ready to continue their journey with confidence, resilience and self-belief, all necessary components of success.


Girls Out Loud with their Big Sister mentors are truly making a difference to the future of hundreds of girls all over the region. Partnered with us here at Connect In Events we aim to raise awareness for the cause in order to keep on giving back to the girls of Manchester. With our glitter and glam ball we offer a night to remember and the opportunity to sponsor this great cause. Wine and dine with some of the region’s most empowering woman and men and be part of something ultimately life-changing.

Girls Out Loud aims to support a minimum of 250 teen girls during 2019 and if last year’s ball is anything to go by, the sky’s the limit for this fabulous cause. However, helping those most in need of guidance with the support of a role model, someone to inspire them and nurture them demands financial investment. Last year we raised £20k to support our girls, let’s hope this year we can beat that!

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Raven Twigg

Blogger at Connect In Events