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BLOG – Honey Beat Vinyl Cafe

New Vinyl Café at the heart of Altrincham is the pinnacle of all things Mancunian.

Dog-friendly, vinyl playing, crisp butty serving Honey Beat is at the centre of Independent hub, Altrincham in Manchester. Neighboured by Altrincham Market just over the road, Honey Beat is the first of its kind. Hosting Open Mic days where they serve pints of Manchester brewed beer for just £3, the Vinyl Café has really captured all things which sum up Manchester. Brews, booze and bands.

It’s logo is inspired by the Manchester worker Bee and the beat in music. Honey Beat both encourages and showcases local music, artists, bakers and boozers. All the cakes are locally baked by Acorn Bakery and are either vegan or gluten free. Now, I’m neither vegan or require a gluten free diet however owner Abi, was kind enough to sample me a vegan Chocolate brownie and my gosh it was to die for. You truly couldn’t tell the difference.


Inside the café is quirky and quaint giving you that warm and comforting atmosphere. The walls are littered with local art and it truly does capture the rawness that is Mancunia. The upstairs of the café is vacated by Local Creation which is a collection of Manchester artists – it’s their artwork which grabs your attention when visiting Honey Beat.

Reviving the art of music on vinyl disk, there’s plenty to choose from spread all around the café. They even sell vinyl players if you’re new to the game.


Honey Beat is owned and run by Abi Richardson, a 22 year old Mancunian, who is also involved in organising the When In Manchester Festival once a year in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Centre. Growing up in Altrincham, coming from a music industry background and simply having a genuine passion for the area, Abi had her recipe for motivation and took the plunge in 2017 to invest her time and hard-earned cash into launching Honey Beat. Spectating the changes her hometown has been undergoing as Abi has grown up, she could see there was a niché in the market and Honey Beat is exactly that.

Abi went on to tell me how the market town had become almost like an independent hub. A lot of the big chains and franchises have been closing up shop therefore making way for local independent stores to take their place, in an effort to build up the much-loved town once again.



Talking about her infamous crisp butties, the only ones in Altrincham I should add, Abi says “They’re great. Rather than spending £12+ on an artisan pizza which, let’s face it, the kids pick all the toppings off. You can just hand them a crisp butty and there’s no food wasted at all”. With the choice of 15 different flavours, HB is “putting some crunch in ya lunch” for only £2.50 for two flavours! What a bargain. They recently caught the attention of Altrincham HQ, and were the talk of the town all over social media.

The outdoor seating is a pleasant suntrap and in the midst of summer spirit. Custom flocks as live music begins to play outside. Who doesn’t want to be in the sunshine listening to local talent with a pint at hand? Especially when the prices give anywhere a run for their money.They have an alcohol license for the Open Mic days and Jam Nights so be sure to pop along and show your support.

You don’t have to worry about leaving your canine friend at home, either. Honey Beat is 100% dog-friendly and they even provide dog treats when they pay a visit. It’s likely that they’ll photograph your pup for their social media pages too, so make sure they’re wearing their Sunday best.

Overall, Honey Beat has really hit the nail on the head to capture the true essence of what it means to be Mancunian, from band-themed mugs to locally brewed beer, talent and cakes. They have it all.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on a tram today (it’s only  2 minute walk from the tram stop) and head on down to Honey Beat Vinyl Cafe, you won’t be disappointed.

Raven Twigg – Connect In Events Blogger 🙂