BLOG – JANUARY 22nd 2018


Who’s setting up home in Manchester in Feb????

As we’re all aware….Manchester is the numero uno city to be in the UK! (Slightly bias there on my behalf possibly but it’s true) The past 12 months has seen an influx of stunning bars, restaurants and cafes here in our Northern homeland and 2018 doesn’t appear to be putting the reigns on that at all!

We have some very exciting new venues joining us this year which will be divulged on the blog for you over the coming months. However one which I literally can’t hold my breath on any longer is D&D’s new space!! How this Michelin starred restaurant group haven’t graced us with their presence until now baffles me but clearly they’ve finally seen the light 😉

So, the venue….

If I gave you 2 guesses I’m sure you’d probably be able to predict the chosen location – Spinningfields….obviously. Undoubtedly the apt setting for D&D which have confirmed plans for a rooftop bar/restaurant and garden terrace on the top floor of No.1 building in Hardman Square. In our current drizzly climate possibly not so practical; but in the summer months I would argue with anybody that says you can actually go wrong with top notch food, a great location and an alcoholic beverage or 4 on a midsummer evening!

It’s also been disclosed that the new restaurant will deliver panoramic views over the city, from what’s set to be a pretty bloody generously sized outdoor terrace! If you’re not a fan of heights however I probably wouldn’t recommend peering over the edge, the as-yet unnamed venue is going to be a full 100m above terra firma.

And the menu, you ask?….

We’ve had a peak. That’s a massive lie, we’ve studied the entire food and drinks list cover to cover….we’re passionate about this stuff okay! I can confirm, from the looks of things; this won’t disappoint either. The proof is in the pudding of course but D&D restaurants have a brilliant track record (hence the Michelin star and various locations across the globe) so hopefully that reputation will precede them when they anchor themselves here too.

The food menu isn’t at all lacking in variety, yet possibly slightly leaning a little more to the carnivores amongst us. Saying that, the vegetarian and fish dishes look and sound utterly luscious so don’t let their apparent passion for a fine steak put you off if you’re not a meat lover! The desserts….in fact d’you know what they’ve won me over on the desserts purely for the fact they’ve brought Manchester Tart into the equation so that’s all I feel I need to say in regards to the sweets!

Drinks wise it’s nothing less than you’d expect from a venue of this standard, and I dare say their espresso martinis won’t be too shabby either!

NB: If you’re considering how suitable a venue it’d be for parties or events, as well as the sit down dining they’ll be offering an impressive selection of canapes. So watch this space as it could be the appropriate place for some stylish summer parties!

Practically speaking….

For group entertaining the numbers are ample for single spaces, accommodating between 40 and 50 guests depending on which area of the venue you opt for. Unless of course you want exclusive hire of the venue which then will bring the total up to a substantial 400 guests. There is also a private dining area offering a luxurious reserved room for 14 people.

As yet we don’t know exactly what to expect in terms of the theme of music they’ll be opting for so that’s yet to be revealed….

Des Gunewardena – Chairman and CEO of the restaurant group seems eager to open the doors in February and says:

“Manchester is a fantastic city and we have watched closely over the last few years the resurgence of the restaurant scene in the city and in Spinningfields in particular.”

Well Mr.Gunewardena we fully agree with you there, Manchester is a fantastic city. So let’s hope this new venue meets our expectations. If so, it could become another little treasured gem amongst all the other jewels Spinningfields has to offer!

Over and out xx