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Tram Etiquette- The Unspoken Rules

Whether you’re a daily commuter for a conference or a summer weekend explorer, riding the Metrolink in and around Manchester comes with some unspoken rules. Having always lived in South Manchester, I never had the privilege to use the trams until I relocated to North Manchester last year. Riding the Met was completely alien to me so here’s some tips and tricks on how to make your journey run smoothly with all the knowledge I know now.

  • Be careful not to brush bodies. It could be just as busy as Market Street at Christmas time but in true North West British fashion, you must respect one another’s space. Even if that means straining your posture to avoid it.


  • Managed to get a seat when everyone else has to stand? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Make sure you look down at your phone to avoid awkward eye contact with those around you. It’s strange that you can feel guilt for doing absolutely nothing wrong, but hey we’re only human right?


  • You are absolutely allowed to judge those oblivious individuals who take the aisle seat and use the window seat for their bags during peak commutes. We all judge them – just not out loud.


  • Do try to give up your seat for an elderly person – this may sound like a given but trust me, more people turn a blind eye to the situation rather than move for them. There really is nothing worse than seeing an old couple struggle to stand while you’re sat in comfort.


  • Have you notice that you have to say “Sorry” when it’s your stop and someone has to move slightly for you to get off? As though you’re an inconvenience… Just go with it. It has been said we’re a little too soft up in the supersonic North.


  • Like listening to funky music? Yeah, me too. Make sure it’s loud enough (in your headphones of course) to drown out those chatterboxes around you but definitely not too loud so that those chatterboxes can hear it too. This is the ultimate courtesy.


  • During your journey, you might notice that you see some familiar commuters each day but you just have to pretend that you’ve never seen them before. Even if you notice that they may have changed their hairstyle for the better. Do not tell them. You are not friends. I learned this the hard way…trust me on this one.


  • Be prepared. Keep the GetMeThere App open on your phone so that there’s no need to panic when those Metrolink Minions are asking for your ticket. It’s also a massive help to avoid delays.


  • Ever seen someone press the button at the wrong side of the tram? It happens all too often. The best thing is to not embarrass them by telling them that where they’re attempting to alight is a 6ft drop onto the tracks. They’ll soon notice when the professional Met-riders wait at the right side. Just pretend it never happened, it’s for the best.


So there you have it! The unspoken rules of tram-riding. Abide by these and your journeys will be most enjoyable from now on.


Raven Twigg

Blogger at Connect In Events