Why is Manchester THE best city in the U.K?

I made the move to supersonic Manchester six years ago in 2012 when Manchester Metropolitan University accepted my offer to study there. I knew immediately that i’d made the right decision. The hustle and bustle of the North West city life was completely new to me and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the place.

Whether you’re into science or history, funky music festivals or football, there really is something for everyone. Home of the first computer, Pankhurst’s Suffragettes and of course, Vimto, there is so much to uncover.

The atmosphere is friendly, unlike the reputation they have down in the Big Smoke. We have the diversity of Rusholme’s Curry Mile, the stylish Spinningfields and the quirkiness of the Northern Quarter. If its shopping you’re looking for we have the Trafford centre, the third largest shopping centre in the UK, the Arndale and a wealth of designer stores located within the heart of the city.

‘Tis true, we’re often experiencing a downpour. Known nationally as one of the wettest places to live in England, Manchester is often rather rainy but it’s only a bit of water right? Chuck an umbrella in your bag and you’ll be right as rain… pardon the pun.

There’s theatres, museums, libraries, stadiums, and music venues galore. Regardless of what day of the week it might be, there’s always something to do. The folk here are oh-so-friendly, we don’t mind a good ol’ chat. The transport is super efficient and the Metrolink, our version of ‘the tube’ reaches most of the realms of Greater Manchester that you may want to visit and guess what? You don’t need an Oyster card to use ‘em!


Our internationally recognised bee emblem represents the worker bee mentality that is embedded into our city. Adopted by the city in 1842, when our industry built city was ridden with textile mills, often referred to as “hives”, the workers inside them became the “bees”. It has now become associated with our strength and resilience as a city after the horrific events which took place in May 2017.

Something else we’re associated with? We love the pub. Our nightlife (and daylife… if that’s what you’re into) is unbeatable. Whether you’re living a weekend-millionaire lifestyle in sophisticated Castlefield, living it up in cool-as-a-cucumber Chorlton or wanting some fizz with a view in Media City, we’re rich with choices. Fancy some proper live music? Head to Northern Quarter where I’ll guarantee you can find an open mic of some sort pretty much every day of the week.

We have this pride you’ll rarely find in most places around Britain, it’s precious to us and the passion we share for Manchester is truly one of a kind.

So, when are you planning your visit?

Raven Twigg
Blogger for Connect In Events