JORDAN WALKER – Client Experience Manager

Jordan has an extensive background in hospitality spanning over 15 years, which started in his father’s restaurant working 5 days a week from the age of 11. In fact, Jordan is quite the entrepreneur! At just 6 years old he was travelling round shows and festivals in the UK buying locally made walnut whips and selling them….for a pretty nifty profit! Having worked in various bars and nightclubs and as Assistant Hospitality Manager at Manchester Arena, Jordan is definitely a people person and always aims to please.

Jordan is a grafter, that’s evident; but he is also immensely driven and does not stop until the client’s visions have been turned into a reality. Working with people across all industries and with all sorts of dreams for their events is what Jordan truly loves to do and that most certainly reflects in the quality of his work.

Jordan says:

“I would much rather work 16 hours a day giving 100% than 8 hours a day giving half that!”​