Manchester According To An Outsider

Having lived in Manchester for six years now, I felt my view on the North West city was now tainted with rose coloured glasses – and who can blame me? I wanted to see what people’s first impressions of the city were, so I asked some friends from and family from all over the country to see what their thoughts were on the Mecca we call home.

emma, from Lincolnshire says “Manchester reminds me of my summer holidays. We always fly from Manchester Airport wherever our destination”. She continued with “We’re always happy in Manchester, when it’s not raining of course”. When I asked her if she’d rather pay a visit to the Big Smoke or here she said “Manchester feels more comforting than London. It has a small town feel rather than the large city it actually is. I always find it to be really friendly, too.” What a lovely feeling – knowing that someone who occasionally visits us leaves feeling happy. And we’d always take a win over London now, wouldn’t we?


Charlotte from Gainsborough obviously has another view of Manchester. “In all honesty? I think of food. We don’t have much to offer in our area so a trip to Byron’s and Cosmo’s is always a necessity.” I think we take it for granted how many options we have available to us on our doorstep. I mean, I can get anything and everything delivered straight to my house with Deliveroo & UberEats – most people don’t have that luxury!


I wanted to get an opinion from a guy this time and so I asked Matthew who is from Grimsby what his best memories of Manchester were and he came back with “My wife and I mostly visit for events and concerts. Ed Sheeran at Etihad Stadium was the most recent but we’ve also seen Steps at Manchester Arena and Lee Mack at the Manchester 02 Apollo. It’s more than worth the three hour drive for the amount the city has going on. I’ve also seen Question of Sport being filmed at Media City.” Tourists probably make the most of our city than we do! There’s so much to offer and we really should make more of an effort to explore the North West. We have recently launched the This is Manchester Awards which are a perfect way to nominate and appreciate some of the best companies and venues we have to offer. I mean, we’re home to the third busiest venue in the world, Parklife festival and not to mention two of the most internationally famous football teams on the planet – that’s a claim right there!

When I asked Louise from Carlisle what she thought about Manchester she said “I used to visit to sit my exams. My company would hire out conference rooms and send us from all over the UK to Manchester to become qualified solicitors”. This is a prime example of why people leave small towns in order to better yourself – I myself am a prime example of that! It’s no secret that Manchester is attractive because of the opportunities it has to offer those from forgotten towns. Louise did go on to unashamedly admit that her initial thoughts were Coronation Street, Christmas Markets, people shouting ‘R Kid, Oasis, football rivalry and red-brick houses. We can’t shy away from our cliché’s can we now? Let’s embrace them instead. I love my little Corrie alleyway at the back of my house – it has this familiar feel because we’re so used to seeing them on our TV screens.


So there we have it. There’s really no surprise why people don’t just visit our supersonic city but end up relocating here, too. What are your fondest memories spent in Manchester? Tell us all about it here.


Raven Twigg

Blogger at Connect In Events